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Continuous Vacuum Micro - Film Cooker For Candy And Snack Machine

Place of Origin Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Brand Name Haitel
Certification CE ISO9001
Model Number HTL-T250
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Set
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details Wooden case packing according to your demand
Delivery Time 60days
Payment Terms L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability 15 Piece/Pieces per Month Contact Now
Product Details
Maximum Yield 400kg/h Heating Area 2.45m2(Heating Tubeφ36×2.5)
Steam Use Pressure 0.59Mpa5.5-6Kilograms Per Square Centimeter Material 304 Stainless Steel
Type Fully Automatic Glycocalyx Temperature After Heating 135-145℃
Voltage 380V/50HZ Weight 800kg
High Light

candy roll wrapping machine


candy production machine

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Product Description


Advanced Continuous vacuum micro-film cooker for candy and other snack machine



Ⅰ. Briefing of the machine


The vacuum sugar pot made by our plant is a sugar making equipment with the process from the sugar pot, volume pump, heating tubes, being condensed by steam heating, storage room, vacuum pot via materials releasing valves, and the finished products.

The machine has advantages of simple operation, reasonable structure, stable performance, convenient adjustment and maintenance, and long life, etc.


Ⅱ. Main technical features


1, Max. yield 400㎏/hr(one pot per 3 min)

2, Heating area 2.45㎡ (heating tubeφ36×2.5)

3, Steam pressure 0.59Mpa5.5~6kg/cm2

4, Steam consumption at max. yield about 110kg/hr

5, Temperature of input syrup 105~115℃

6, Syrup temperature after being heated 135~145℃

7, Volume pump motor Jo —11—40.6KW1370 r/min

8, piston dia. φ40 max. travel 80 (stepless speed adjustment applicable)

9, 3BA9 is used for water, motor JO —32—27.5KW with 2880r/min, vacuum rate (at 0% vacuum) 0.6m/min




max. vacuum 96% 730mm Hg
1,Lighting 2 40 watt, 220v
2,Temperature adjustment manual control



Ⅲ. Work Principle


1, The syrup (mixture of granulated sugar, water and glucose) melted by the sugar pot is put into the heating hose via volume pump. It then enters into the storage room being condensed by steam heating. It goes into the vacuum rotating post via the releasing valve, then becoming finished products with the vacuum functions.


2, The compound planet movement of the brace shaft is made by the volume pump, per the triangle belt, planet gearing mechanics of the motor. With the hand wheel, changing the engaging position of the internal gear wheel and the small planet gear wheel, the eccentric distance (i.e. the piston travel) can be adjusted steplessly. That is the syrup flow can be adjusted steplessly. The scale ruler tells the actual piston travel when turning the hand wheel, controlling the flow of syrup.


3, The function of the vacuum control valve is a manual control device to connect the vacuum rotating pot with the atmosphere.

When the vacuum control valve is open, the vacuum of the pot is changed, causing 3 continuous activities:


(1) The cone plug of the releasing valve closes the outlet of the storage room, stopping materials delivery.

(2) The rotating pot separates from the vacuum cover, for the material weight inside.

(3) When turning around to 180°, the unloading position of the loaded pot is reached, which needs 5-8sec.

(4) With the vacuum absorption, the cone plug of the releasing valve is raised. The material releasing function is started. For the falling function after the vacuum is changed, the cone plug closes the outlet. The screw hand wheel controls the material flow.


Ⅳ. Precautions


1, The quality of the sugar pot is mainly based on the précised control of syrup temperature, and the correct adjustment of the outlet valve, except syrup ingredient.


The opening of the outlet valve is controlled by the hand wheel, which should be made as follows: turn the pot to the material releasing position, with the material releasing valve closing the pot. At this stage, the load should not be more than half of the monitoring window. Generally, it should be below the window lower edge. If the load is over the half of the window, the releasing flow should be larger. However, the releasing valve should not be open too much. With too large flow, the syrup will be splashed to the walls of the pot and vacuum cover, which makes the unloading difficult. Without syrup inside the storage room, the vacuum will be affected. The finished products will have too much water, affecting the quality.


1, If there is trouble in operation (of power, volume pump, etc.), the steam valve should be turned off immediately. Meanwhile, the water valve should be turned on, which is connected with the U type hose of steam before the volume pump, making both steam and water into the hose and storage room, forcing the syrup released outside.


2, Cleaning

(1) After work per shift, with Item 2 method, making hot water via the volume pump into the heating hose, storage room and rotating pot, clean up all of the sunken sugar.

(2) Put hot caustic soda (NaOH)and water (of 1:10) into the heating hose via the volume pump, storage room and rotating pot, once a week. Before the next day work, clean them up with water for the production. The lubricating oil cup is equipped with transmitting parts of the volume pump, which should be oiled twice per shift.

Before using this pot, the instructions should be read carefully. If you meet with some problems, please consult the instructions. The change of the production will not be notified separately. Please contact our plant if you have other problems.





Main technical parameter:

Type HTL-250
Maximum output 400 kg/h (3min/pan)
Heating area 2.45 m² (Heating tube Φ36×2.5)
Steaming pressure 0.59 MPa (5.5~6 kg/cm²)
Steam consumption at maximum output about 110 kg/h
Temperature at sugar entering point 105~115 °c
Temperature of sugar fluid after heating 135~145 °c
Quantity pump Jo-11-40.6 KW
Motor speed 1370 rpm/min


Continuous Vacuum Micro - Film Cooker For Candy And Snack Machine 0



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